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May 7, 2016
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Mall shopping, street shopping or online shopping- which is better?
May 14, 2016
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Computers have resulted in unemployment

In the early days, computer was known to be a luxury but in today’s time computer is the need of the hour and has become a necessity.


• Invention of computers has resulted in reduction in manual effort which has resulted in unemployment.

• Now a single computer can perform a task of 10 people. Thus creating more unemployment.

• Today people are more dependent on computers for every single task.

• Computers are more reliable source when compared with human in terms of accuracy. Due to which more preference is given to computers.

• Computers make it easier to produce more of better goods at lower costs and sell it to more widely distributed markets.


• In some industries, like knowledge and service industry, computers are the necessity and are must for progress.

• Computers are not the reason for unemployment, as computers are creating more job opportunities for people. It has become the major source of employment for people

• Computers are making the jobs simpler for human beings.

• Computers are just machines and cannot overpower human efforts as they cannot be operated in isolation.

• By using the computers the time is used more effectively. Computers help us to become part of this technological era.

• Computers are now able to do many boring and repetitive jobs earlier performed by people. Computerized production processes have also contributed to reducing the need for people to be exposed to health and accident hazards in manufacturing activities. In this way computers have also contributed to improvement in levels of wages and job satisfaction.


– As it is said, every coin has two sides so does computers have, if at one end it is creating more job opportunities for people on the other hand it is also taking away human efforts and their jobs to make jobs simpler.

Computers have resulted in unemployment

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