Arranged marriage vs love marriage what is better for success marriage
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Arranged marriage vs love marriage

Arranged marriage vs love marriage

Arranged marriage vs love marriage

In our Indian culture marriages have a great value it’s not just a union of two people it’s a union of two different families two different networks become connected. Whatever action will they take it will impact on the society. Marriages are not only related to social culture it has a big part in the economy from the marriage to the rest it applies impact on national economy. But which is batter arrange marriage or love marriage? Let’s find out in the following discussion:

For arranging marriage:

  • In arrange marriage people spend more time together to know each other it’s a batter a way to start a new life which will increase the understanding.
  • In arrange, marriage tow family comes together and expend more time and they can take care of the new couple. But in love marriage, maximum couples live separately from their family.
  • It is easy to adjust with the partner in an arranged marriage as compared to love marriage. This is because in a love marriage things may often be taken for granted.
  • Since the partners have never met before, in an arranged marriage, they care more about each other’s needs.
  • Arranged marriages help resolves domestic issues faster. There is a sense of fear of losing the partner.
  • In love marriage people behave differently after marriage, all the negative part comes after marriage which is very hard to handle for a new couple.

Phrases and Their Meaning

For love marriage

  • In an arranged marriage, social obligations can get frustrating at times there is a various restriction and social issue in arrange marriage such that cast system, economic status, dowry etc. but in love marriage, there is no such those type drawbacks.
  • Arrange marriage sometimes become compromise but in love marriage, there is no such things are present, but in a love marriage they were in love even before the marriage and hence compromises are less.
  • In love marriage, couples become independent because sometimes they get separated due to the jobs which make them learn how to become independent.
  • Here a comfort level is already become develop between the two-person which helps them live a better and healthy life.



Love or arrange marriage there should be an understanding between the couple. There is no perfect formula to make a marriage work. Both arranged and love marriages have their own strengths and faults. We have to choose the right one according to the understanding and respect our family.

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