Why should we hire you best answers for fresher in interview
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Why should we hire you best answers for fresher

Why should we hire you best answers for fresher


Here we would like to discuss about the question “Why should we hire you best answers for fresher”. This is one of the  most commonly asked question by the HR in an interview. It makes the candidate more confused sometimes with the lack of preparation. But a strong and an effective preparation  leads towards success in the interview. There are some of the acceptable and logical answers which may be quite helpful to be successful in the interview when someone reads and answers carefully.

Why should we hire you best answers for fresher

Mr. Sarat

I feel I have the right profile for which  your company is looking for. There is a curiosity to start my career as early as possible. This organization is very good and i want an opportunity to work in your company as well as to get an opportunity to prove my abilities and potential  I will also put my best effort definitely in order to take your company to the next level. My heart is excited to work in this job profile and to be a part of your organization.

Miss. Priyanka

You should hire me because I know there are more candidates to attend the interview but I am able to contribute something different from those candidates because I have an experience in this field, I am also a sincere, responsible, punctual and hard worker having  knowledge of some extra activities like hardware knowledge and I have the confidence on how to handle client and staff with  my communication skills I have gained so far in  Hindi, Odia and English language and I am also a good cricketer.

Mr. Santosh Kumar

Learning new things have been a great aspirations and it has been motivating me since my childhood. I find that it is a great opportunity for me being a part of this immense organization, where I can prove my abilities with my passion by providing and contributing my potential, learning new things also reflect on my skills which helps to bring the organization to a new level.


As a fresher, I am a hardworking person. i Will put all my  efforts for this job. I will never try to disappoint you. it is a good  platform for me to improve myself in the best level. Thank you

Miss. Prativa

As your required qualification I deserve this job and if you hire me, I will do my best for the company. I have also experience of this job. So, I will easily handle all the problems and situations.

Mr. Abhigyan

As, I am a fresher I have only theoretical knowledge but can do hard work for your organization. And put all my effort for the good progress of your company. Being punctual & sincere a can be finished the given to me on time and try my best to fulfill all the of your company

Mr. Sukumar

You should hire me because I have a great personality; I would do something different for your company and be quite productive for this organization and for institute. I will give my best for your company.

Miss. Rita Rani

I am adaptable and quick learner with skills to work under pressure and I also possess strong negotiations, communication and analytical skills. I am also focused and goal driven with strong work ethics, continuously striving for improvement coupled with commitment to offer quality service.

Mr. Rishabh

With reference to my work experience I satisfy all the requirements for this job. I am very sincere to my work and I will never let u down and I feel you would never regret to appoint me in your organization.


This is a good question. My Native place is very far from my university. I will never disappoint you. Therefore i will obey your all rules and regulations.

Miss. Shilpa

you should hire me because I am a fresher and I have gained some theoretical skills, communication skills,I can contribute  the same for improving your company as well as find out my right track to go ahead along with my career growth because the job profile of your company match with my  profile and I am a self motivated and friendly person which is highly required for your company.

Miss. Saraswati

“Why should we hire you best answers for fresher” in my point of view: As a fresher I don’t’ have any experience but at the same time I’m a quick learner, punctual and self-motivated and a  smart worker and I feel the theoretical knowledge I have gained till today  needs really  a platform to utilize these things for a growing organization like yours.



You should hire me because I am a very Frank in nature. And I will give all my efforts to our company. I will also give my best. Thank you


Here we discussed about some possible answers  the question “Why should we hire you best answers for fresher“.

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