Retirement Home Do Advantages Of living In Them out Weight
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June 20, 2019
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June 27, 2019


The concept of retirement homes is new in India. Retirement homes are like normal homes in a gated community, but with extra facilities because the residents are senior citizens. Initially there was a stigma that only abandon old parents go to retirement  homes. Now the concept is changing , the senior citizen in metropolitan cities are accepting the idea of retirement homes . Let’s discuss the topic “Retirement Home Do Advantages Of living In Them out Weight The Disadvantage”.

Retirement homes, this type of community ensures that there is neither loneliness nor alienation and therefore better mental health seniors are secured and self esteem is intact as they don’t have to depend on their children. Consumers in this segment prefer properties that have open spaces, pollution free environment and are close to their friends & family. Due to increase in nuclear family culture , increase in cost of living, increase in better life expectancy, increase in rate of abuse faced by the elders.

There are some advantages and some disadvantages in spending your retirement lives there:-


  • Expert on site for medical care and nursing professionals.
  • Moreover a systematic environment where elderly can grow old.
  • Safety is definitely an issue for senior citizens. The steady security in an old age home gives them protection from intruders and helps them live a safe and secure life.
  • One of the main advantage of retirement community is that residents do not any issue about maintenance, cleaning & other related work. These types of services typically include the cost of living in a retirement community.
  • Finally isolation can put push a person into a depression zone. The residents in a retirement complex may not exactly be family but they provide the much needed company that senior look for.

Politician must have retirement age.


  • Moving out of own home to an independent living facility can be emotionally stressful. As such an age people usually get attached to the places; where they had lived for years, moving out to a completely new locality becomes difficult.
  • Old age parents always see for love and care from their children. Though retirement homes provide basic amenities required for old people yet they may feel lonely and dejected there.
  • Moreover retirement homes, are not for everyone. The cost of the services will rise every year and since old people have only their savings with them, so many of them couldn’t invest and afford retirement homes.


There is a huge gap between the Indian society and western culture. Therefore old age people live a retired life enjoying on their own with all amenities and social security rather some prefer retirement home living. So despite of all amenities retirement homes is not by choice rather it’s a compulsion. We have discussed “Retirement Home Do Advantages Of living In Them out Weight The Disadvantage”.

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