Is india ready for electric vehicles Group Discussion
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June 19, 2019
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June 21, 2019


Electric vehicles like petrol and diesel vehicles use one or more electric motors. Electric vehicles are completely Eco friendly they don’t exhaust toxic gases or smoke. In the environment which leads to global warming and it basically helps to reduce pollution. It also emits no green house gases thus electric vehicles helps in maintain energy security by shifting by non renewable resources. It also reduces the noise pollution. We will discuss “Is india ready for electric vehicles Group Discussion”?

Yes, India is ready

  1.  As a signatory the climate of  India is obligated to bring down its share of global emissions by 2030. These the govt of India is making key initiatives such a launch of national e-mobility programme, planning guidelines to encourage the use of such vehicles by NITI Aayog, etc to promote electric vehicles in India.

  2. The  prominent  vehicles like Maruti Suzuki, Hero, Mahindra and Mahindra, electric manufactures are present  in India. The latest news is that Suzuki and Toyota’s are planning to launch electric vehicles in India.
  3. Electric cars we will find that petrol’s car are much better the electric vehicle because is now situation we are mostly separating energy by thermal power plant and this seems that we are creating pollution’s because T.P.P runs by coals and gases and this makes pollution. So as we can use electric vehicle then we will consume more energy and pollute the environment.
  4. If India is adopting electric vehicles and ban the petrol vehicles is more safe and completely Eco friendly.

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No, India is not ready

  1. More Indians prefer petrol diesels or gas driven cars. They don’t seem to be ready to buy and use the electric cars due to their slow pick up. Slow speed and non availability of electric charging centers in the vicinity of their area.
  2. Sales of electric and hybrid cars contributed to only a fraction of the 3 million passenger vehicles sold in India in 2016.
  3. India lacks significant infrastructure and necessary technology to support electric vehicles manufacturing efficient components such as high density batteries remain a key challenge.
  4. Due to lack of charging station is everywhere in India so it can’t be supply proper power everywhere basically for electric vehicle.
  5. Although electric vehicles are compatibly Eco friendly. They don’t emit any harmful gas good for environment and pollution free.

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As per the above discussion lastly we got a valid solution that electric vehicle is essential for India. Due to lack of sufficient power station it is not so popular in India . India we should plant sufficient power station this problem can be solved and pollution free. We discussed Is india ready for electric vehicles Group Discussion

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