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Now face book has been a part of life of the people in 21st century. People are using it in their personal life. It can be used as  both sometime  its personal and  its professional.If we see the practical part that people are often friendly and quite socialized being connected to the face book. It allows everyone to understand the value of relationship and to go by maintaining it from child to adults and old everyone is flexible with this social network and accordingly it has become user friendly with everyone also. If we see the majority in form of the users we find that its customer network is very strong. We will discuss facebook vs linkedin- what’s the difference


  • Face book has been a medium through which we connect the people all over the world. We tie of in a social relationship. Even we are not able to meet all them physically. It has been working as a bridge to connect the people globally. Earlier we didn’t have any medium to contact people if they are too far away from us.
  • It is also quiet helpful of someone words to know some information watch any news they can easily log into the face book and gain a lot of information .Hence it has become a tools for knowledge and information.
  • Someone also can upload the picture and post it in the group, so that any friend those who are as friends they can watch it and they can also share it among all their friends.
  • As per the use of face book some people prefer use of face book some people prefer to use it by uploading and posting it professionally and personally. But of we study the reality we can see people being unsecured about their professional life when they share some information regarding their profile.


  • Linke din has great importance and contribution towards the professional life. This is really a social networking for the professional to use.  It is quite professional and linke din is for those who want to take themselves little bit seriously. Also to start career as early as possible.
  • It provides an opportunity who wants to have a great start in their career and  also it provides a secured platform to open the professional details regarding your address, profile, your job responsibilities and few over regarding your present designation including your project you have worked on. Anyone can open any information details and upload it to expose himself professionally with the professional.
  • Someone also can update him with the working professional in a particular field. He can upload his or her CV. Therefore people can know from other company regarding his experience and skills.
  • This application has a great advantage for both the employer and the employee. It meets their expectation at a particular situation.  Also fits from both of the point. It has been as a problem solver to solve a problem in the field of requirement process.
  • The online networking site has been quite helpful for a candidate to be updated regarding the requirement of the organization and for the employer it is also helpful to find out a suitable candidate through shortlist. The CV and all the profile at a particular situation.

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Hence face book and LinkedIn have been running for fulfilling the requirement of the people. But in a different ways as per its features. We discussed” facebook vs linkedin- what’s the difference”.

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