Agriculture Vs Manufacturing Industry in India- Priorities for Future
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June 13, 2019
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India is a developing country and also is a agricultural country. Most of the people in India depend upon farming farmers engaged in agriculture how to double the farmer’s income as they are the back bone of our country. India not only depends on agriculture but also manufacture industry. We will discuss Agriculture Vs Manufacturing Industry, which is better.

Manufacturing industry is also essential to development of country because it creates placements to involve unemployed people. Agriculture and manufacture are drives of growth for any economy. India which has 70% population living in rural areas with agriculture as the mainstay of employment. Is getting up goals to improve the condition of farmers by targeting to double the agriculture income by year of 2022 and make the optimum growth, mostly high employable sector as per with manufacturing industry and the service sector.

Let’s Discuss the topic “Agriculture Vs Manufacturing Industry in India- Priorities for Future GD Topic”.

Agriculture Sector: 

  1. Agriculture is the back bone of our country. It gives us food to service in society.
  2. Industry use raw material from this industry to produce final product. It helps in towards the growth of our country.
  3. The employees and export has also grown among the country. By exporting the raw material from country to country. India earns revenue because Indian agriculture sector has global trade share of 7.68% which is the vital income source for our country.
  4. Rural people are not good in education. So they didn’t get any job if they give their efforts in the field of agriculture they can earn money and they can manage their family. As far as the Indian growth of GDP is concern they help to grow of it and they can be a part of development of our country.

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Manufacturing Sector:

  1. First and foremost benefits of manufacture of industry is it creates job opportunities for unemployed person; by the development of this industry improves the import and export facilities in Indian.
  2. In order to cater demand of the over growing population, production capacities need to be developed by using advanced technologies which can be derived from the field of industry. This can help on producing good qualities products at a high quantity which can also cut short scarcity of goods.
  3. modern technology will produce the necessary equipment. By developing new modern technology  which can be used in the field of agriculture. It helps directly to the agriculture sector.
  4. The growth of India mostly depends upon growth of manufacturing industry.
  5. By using the input materials from manufacture industry  by different ways its gives the finished products. Countries export this products to earn money. Moreover it also helps in towards the growth attainment of GDP our country.

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Therefore we got a conclusion that both are close related to each other. We can’t say it is good or that is not. Moreover both plays the vital role towards the growth of our nation. Here we discussed “Agriculture Vs Manufacturing Industry in India- Priorities for Future GD Topic”.

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